Fire Alarm Installation Sutton

It may seem obvious, but fire alarms really do save lives. It’s one of those things that you rarely think of, and you hope is never needed. But, if for whatever reason there is a fire, you’ll be so grateful that your fire alarm works. Get a fire alarm system installed today to make sure your property is safe.

If you are in charge of a business or responsible for a public building, chances are that you need a fire alarm system in place to be compliant with the law. A fire alarm will alert anyone inside a building when there is a fire, so it should be obvious why it’s such a vital safety feature!

Fire alarm installation in London

The law in the UK regarding fire safety is pretty simple. Most businesses are required to install a fit-for-purpose fire alarm system to ensure the safety of employees, customers and the public, while inly very small businesses are exempt. This makes perfect sense when you consider how terrible the consequences of not having a fire alarm could be. Thankfully, we’re experts in fire safety and alarm system installation. Working across London and the southeast, we’ll be able to identify the best system for you and get it installed in no time.

Fire alarm installation options

There are actually a number of different types of fire alarm you can choose, and the right system for you depends on a whole range of factors. When you speak to us, we’ll give you comprehensive advice on what your needs are and which system will be right for you. Here you can read about a few of the most common options.

Conventional fire alarm system

This is the older system, but is still widely used due to its reliability and low cost. It won’t be able to tell you exactly where the fire is, but it can be wired in a way that helps you know which areas are safe, depending on your property layout. A conventional system is a good option if you run a small business from a small building.

Wireless fire alarm system

Because wireless systems don’t require any cables, installation is much cleaner and simpler, with no mess, no drilling and no cables running through your building! It’s easy to see why wireless systems are now becoming the most popular option for fire alarm installations. Because it looks much neater, with no cables, it’s ideal for businesses such as restaurants or high end shops, where appearances matter.

Addressable fire alarm systems

The addressable system is the most sophisticated of the common fire alarm systems. Each device connected to this system has its own address (hence the name), enabling you to pinpoint where the fire has broken out. This can obviously be a huge benefit! These systems are a bit pricier, but are ideal for larger businesses or more complex buildings, where being able to tell where the fire is can really make a difference.

Book your fire alarm installation

Do you need a fire alarm installation? Don’t delay when it comes to fire safety! Get in touch today and we can make sure you have a fire alarm system that suits your needs. We can also carry out fire alarm servicing and repairs, so you know that your system is keeping you safe, all with a friendly and efficient service that we’re sure will leave you satisfied.