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Fire alarms save property and lives.
Play it safe with Fire Alarm Engineers.

Keeping you safe

We offer a range of fire safety services in London and the southeast.

Fires pose a great risk to both property and life. Our engineers are committed to keeping you safe from this danger. We offer varied fire safety and electrical services, all designed to make sure your home, workplace or other property is protected from the risk of fire.

Fire Alarm Certificate

Fire risk assessment

Fire alarm installation


Electrical Certificate

Fire alarm installation

A fast and efficient service

Fire safety laws in the UK are clear: most businesses are required to have a fully working fire alarm system to help keep people safe. Only very small businesses are exempt from this necessity. Fire alarm installation is our speciality; it’s something we’ve carried out in London and the southeast for years. We are fully qualified and bring considerable expertise to fire alarm installation, so you can be sure you’ll have a system that gets the job done, and is suitable for your business.

Fire Alarm Certificate

Be sure you’re safe

Everyone knows that fire alarms can save lives, and a fully functioning and appropriate fire alarm system may even be a legal requirement for you. We’re qualified to inspect and award a Fire Alarm Certificate as evidence of a working fire alarm system that will keep you, your family, your employees or your customers safe. We provide Fire Alarm Certificate services to London and the southeast; you can simply get in touch to book an appointment.

Fire alarm testing

As well as fire alarm installations, we also offer fire alarm testing and servicing in London and the southeast. We’ll carry out a full check of your fire alarm system, making sure it’s fit for purpose. We can also carry out nay repairs or servicing your system needs. We can also provide you with a Fire Alarm Certificate. Just get in touch, and we’ll be happy to help.

Fire risk assessment

It’s important to actually fully understand the risk that fire poses to your property, whether that’s a shop, office, cinema or any other commercial or public building. When carrying out a fire risk assessment, we’ll keep you informed about what we’re doing, and helping you understand the unique risks you may face. Get in touch now to book a fire risk assessment.

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