Electrical Certificate

An Electrical Certificate will show that your property is safe and has been reviewed by professionals. If you need an Electrical Certificate, get in touch and our friendly engineers will provide and fast and efficient service!

Electrical testing and certification

We’re proud to offer a fantastic commercial electrical testing and certification service to London and the southeast, ensuring that your electrical installations are safe. We promise:

A fast, 3-hour turnaround time
A call an hour before arrival
A qualified and experienced engineer

Fire safety and electrical testing

Electrical installations are a really important aspect to modern life, and electricity keeps us all going, from our heating to our businesses. But electricity can also be a fire hazard in its own right. It’s important to maintain safe use of electrical installations, which is why getting them tested is so important. We can cast a professional and expert eye over your property to make sure that your electrical installations are safe and fully functional. Once we’re satisfied, we can award you an Electrical Certificate; it’s both evidence of safety and peace of mind for you!

What are my responsibilities as a commercial property owner?

If you’re responsible for a commercial property, regardless of what it is, you need to make sure that the premises are safe for your employees, customers and anyone else. This means having occasional inspections and testing of your electrical installation, and this should happen at least every five years. When it comes to electrical safety, it pays to err on the side of caution and make sure you have as recent an Electrical Certificate as possible.


Book our commercial electrical testing service

Electrical testing is not something anyone can do; you need a qualified, experienced engineer. That’s where we come in. When we send an engineer to carry out electrical testing and award an Electrical Certificate, they’ll do so politely and keep you in the loop. They’ll explain the process, and give you some tips on how to best continue to keep the property safe. We are proud to have a great reputation for our customer service, so we’re certain that you’ll be happy too! If you need an Electrical Certificate, contact us today and we can advise you on the best course of action.