Emergency lightning

Emergency lighting is so important for public safety and fire safety. They help make sure public buildings are meeting legal requirements, and that people can escape from a fire promptly. If you need electrical lighting services in London, contact us today.

Emergency lighting servicing

Emergency lighting is crucial for keeping people safe, so it needs to be properly maintained and serviced, fully functional at all times. With our service, we promise:
A fast, 3-hour turnaround time
A call an hour before arrival
A qualified and experienced engineer


Why is emergency lighting important?

Emergency lighting is something that is ever present in our lives, though we rarely think about it or notice it. If you think of a cinema, or a museum, or a school, or almost any other public building, you will have seen the signs illustrate the escape routes in case of an emergency. Emergency lighting is not like other lighting because it will still work even in the case of a loss of power. Even if there is a fire, emergency lights will still light the way to the exit. You can see why it’s been made a legal requirement!


Emergency lighting testing

Emergency light testing is required periodically, and needs to be carried out by qualified professionals. If the emergency lighting testing shows the system to be in good working order, you’ll receive an Emergency Lighting Certificate. Emergency light testing is a requirement under UK law, so you’ll want an Emergency Lighting Certificate to prove that you have had a professional testing service carried out. If you’re responsible for a commercial or public building, it’s best to make sure your property is compliant with the law, and that you have functioning emergency lighting.

Book emergency lighting services

Emergency lighting can save lives in the event of a fire or other disaster, so it’s not something worth taking risks with. Thankfully, our qualified engineers are experts in fire safety and electrical safety, and have years of experience testing and maintaining emergency lighting. Just get in touch and we can discuss your fire safety needs, including for emergency lighting.