Fire Alarm Assessments Southwark

If you’re responsible for a building, then you’ll need to carry out a regular fire risk assessment to ensure a building is safe and meets legal requirements. With many years of fire safety expertise, we can cast an expert eye over your property in a comprehensive fire risk assessment. Just get in touch, and we’ll be happy to arrange an assessment.

Why might I want a fire risk assessment?

Fires can really be devastating, ruining lives and destroying property. The best possible defence against the damage a fire can do is to prevent a fire from ever breaking out in the first place. This is why a fire risk assessment is a great idea, whether you are responsible for offices or run a business. Having a fire risk assessment carried out will help identify where the threat of fire is most likely, and you can take measures to make sure your property is fire safe.

Legal requirements for fire risk assessments

As of 2006, it is a legal requirement in the UK for the ‘responsible person’ (or RP) of any given non-domestic property to make sure a fire risk assessment is carried out. For businesses where there are 5 or more employees, a record needs to be kept of any findings and actions taken. It’s easy to see why not taking fire risks seriously is considered an offence, as the consequences can be terrible. Because of this, failure to comply with the law could lead to a hefty fine, or even imprisonment.

Who needs a fire risk assessment?

  • HMO Properties
  • Employers, or anyone self-employed, with a business premises
  • Landlords of buildings used as business premises
  • Landlords of multiple-occupancy households
  • Hotels, hostels and other premises that provide accommodation
  • Churches, mosques, synagogues and similar religious premises
  • Schools, universities, colleges and nurseries
  • Hospitals, care homes and similar medical facilities
  • Premises open to the public, like museums or cinemas

There are various other buildings that might need a fire risk assessment under the law. If you’re at all unsure, give us a call and we can recommend the best course of action.

What happens in a fire risk assessment?

A fire risk assessment can be carried out by the RP, but it is not recommended unless the RP has specialist knowledge of fire safety. A professional assessment will be much more thorough and comprehensive, and make sure every fire hazard is spotted. Our fire risk assessment service will be carried out on site, as we analyse the property and identify what risks are present, and how they can be mitigated. You’ll be given a report at the end of the assessment that details our findings, so you have something to act on and implement.

What’s in my fire risk assessment report?

The report we’ll create after the assessment will give a detailed account of any risks that were found at the premises, from flammable objects and areas to possible escape routes. Photos will illustrate what we’ve identified, and the report will give you action points on how to address the issues that have been flagged. We’ll even give each risk a rating so you know what to prioritise as you implement and action points. The RP can sign off the report once all recommendations have been carried out. A revisit is usually not required: the RP is responsible for making sure the report’s findings are addressed from this point. However, if a report has featured a significant number of risks, it won’t hurt to have professionals back to make sure the action points have been properly carried out!

Book a fire risk assessment

If you’re responsible for a property, make sure it is safe with a fire risk assessment! Get in touch today, and we can advise on whether an assessment is needed, and get you booked in if it is. We’ll carry out a professional assessment, at a competitive price, so you can get back to business with peace of mind.